Best Tips on How to Spot Fake Hair Extensions

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As hair business owners, it is important to be aware of the potential presence of fake hair extensions in the market.

Fake hair extensions can come at a much lower cost than authentic hair extensions and may even look similar.

However, there are certain differences that distinguish real from fake hair extensions.

Knowing how to spot these differences is essential for hair business owners and hair salon who want to keep their customers safe and satisfied with their purchases.

In this article, we will provide some tips on how to spot fake hair extensions and determine the best ones so you can avoid getting duped by counterfeit products or selling them unknowingly.

What are Fake Hair Extensions

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Fake hair extensions are products that are made to look like authentic hair extensions, but at a lower cost.

These hair extensions are typically made of materials such as polyester and nylon fibers, which are much cheaper than real hair extension materials such as human hair or animal hair. 

Fake hair extensions may also be made of processed and treated hair from other countries.

These hair extensions are often sold at lower prices, making them attractive to hair business owners and salon owners who are looking for a cheap way to meet their customers’ hair extension needs.

Is Fake Human Hair Extensions The Same With Synthetic Hair Extensions?

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No, fake hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions are not the same.

Fake hair extensions, as mentioned above, are made to look like authentic hair extensions but are typically made of cheaper materials such as polyester and nylon fibers.

In contrast, synthetic hair extensions are made from man-made fibers that have been created to resemble real human hair in terms of texture and style.

These strands don’t respond to moisture or heat in the same way real hair does so they generally last longer than other types of extensions.

Additionally, synthetic hair is preferred over other types because it can easily be dyed into a variety of colors without compromising quality.

Therefore, while both fake and synthetic hair offers a cost-effective solution for wearing different styles without damaging your own hair, they have very distinct differences that make them each viable options for creating unique hairstyles.

Is Natural Hair Extensions Better than Fake Hair Extensions?

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Yes, natural hair extensions are generally considered to be better than fake hair extensions.

Natural hair extensions are typically made from human hair or animal hair, which is why they provide a more natural look and feel compared to fake hair extensions.

Furthermore, because the strands of natural hair are not uniform in texture or thickness like synthetic fibers often are, it allows for greater manipulation when styling and looks more realistic when worn.

Since natural hair can also hold moisture better than fake hair does, it tends to be less prone to damage from heat styling and excessive product build-up.

Thus, if you crave a hairstyle that continues to look stunning regardless of the climate or what products have already been applied to your hair – investing in natural hair extensions is a smart choice.

How to Spot Fake Hair Extensions?

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Fake hair extensions can look convincingly similar to real hair extensions, but there are several key differences that you should be aware of in order to spot them quickly.

a) Check for the Quality of the Hair

It is important to check the hair quality of hair extensions because hair quality heavily influences the look and feel of a hair extension.

Real hair extensions should be soft and smooth and should have a natural hairline.

In contrast, fake hair extensions are often made of synthetic fibers that are stiffer and may not move as naturally as real hair does.

Check for damaged cuticles (all cuticles should face the same direction) and for uneven ends. 

Bleached or highlighted hair should also raise red flags.

If the hair feels too coarse or has an unnatural sheen to it, then it is likely a fake hair extension.

b) Look at the Packaging and Branding

Most people may not think to look at the packaging and branding of hair extensions, but it is actually an important factor in determining whether or not they are real.

The hair quality may be convincing, but if the hair comes in a poorly-made box or with no brand name associated with it then there is a good chance that it is a fake hair extension.

On the other hand, good hair extensions that come from well-known hair brands will usually have a barcode or some kind of identification number printed on the box.

c) Research the Seller

It is important to be aware of who you are buying hair extensions from as this can help you spot fake hair extensions more easily.

Legitimate hair extension supplier have typically authorized retailers of hair brands, so they will have an established website or store which you can purchase hair extensions from. 

Getting from the same source or supplier of extensions is good for your business in the long run.

Be wary of online sellers who don’t appear to be a part of any known hair brand and who may not offer an easy way to contact them in case of any issues with hair quality.

d) Compare Prices with Other Brands

Price is another important factor to look out for when it comes to hair extensions.

If a hair extension brand is offering hair extensions at prices that seem too good to be true, then there is a chance that the hair may not be genuine.

Always compare the price of hair extensions with other brands and check reviews online before making a purchase.

e) Ask for a Sample Before Buying in Bulk

When buying hair extensions in bulk, it is important to ask for a sample of the hair first.

This will allow you to feel the hair quality and examine it closely before deciding whether or not to purchase in bulk.

If the hair sample looks and feels convincing, then chances are that the hair extensions being sold are genuine.

f) Flaming or Burning

A popular method of checking the authenticity of the hair extension is through flaming or burning.

Real remy hair extensions will usually burn slowly and have a smell similar to burnt hair or paper while fake hair will melt quickly and emit an acrid smell. If the hair melts rapidly, it may be a sign that the product used is plastic.

Smelling the hair is particularly helpful in determining the hair quality of hair extensions. If the hair singes sizzle smells burnt, then you know they’re the real deal.

On the contrary, if it starts to melt like plastic in response to heat exposure, then this is an indication of synthetic fibers.

This method should only be used in extreme cases, however, as it is not the most reliable way of determining the authenticity of hair extensions.

Benefits of Knowing How to Spot Fake Hair Extensions

Tips on how to spot fake hair extensions

1. Eliminates the Risk of Purchasing Low-Quality Hair Extensions

Knowing how to spot fake hair extensions will help you avoid buying hair that is of poor quality and does not last long.

Many hair business owners have been tricked into buying hair extensions that are prone to shedding, tangle easily, and have a short lifespan.

2. Allows You to Make Informed Decisions

Spotting fake hair extensions allows you to make an informed decision when purchasing hair extensions so that you can be sure of getting high quality human hair or natural hair.

Investing in the right hair extensions will help ensure that your customers are satisfied and happy with their hair.

3. Saves Time and Money

Being able to spot fake hair quickly saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary purchases that often end up being a waste at the end of the day.

Plus, it ensures that you get hair extensions of the highest quality when you shop.

4. Spotting Fake Hair Extensions Helps Keep Your Business Ethical

Making sure that your business is selling only authentic products, helps protect your reputation as a reliable source of premium natural hair or human hair products in the market.

Moreover, it ensures that you are not taking advantage of unsuspecting customers who may be unaware of the hair extension they are buying. 

This gives you a reputable hair salon name for your customers.

5. Avoids Misrepresentation and Fraudulent Activity

Fake hair extensions are often misrepresented either intentionally or unintentionally, which can lead to fraudulent activity within the industry if left unchecked.

Knowing how to spot them early on prevents this from happening in the first place!


In conclusion, hair extensions can be a great way to add volume and length to your hair without damaging it.

However, it is important to make sure that you are buying real human hair extensions as fake ones may not last as long or look as natural when worn.

By taking the time to research hair extension brands and learn tips on how to spot fake hair extensions, hair business owners can avoid getting scammed and ensure that their customers are satisfied with their purchases.

These are the best-detailed information and tips on how to spot fake hair extensions and create a safe hair business environment for customers.

Don’t forget to follow our tips to get the most of high quality hair extensions in the market!

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