“Double-Drawn” vs “Single-Drawn” Hair Extensions: What Are The Differences and Which Should I Choose?

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1. What are the “Single Drawn Hair extensions” and “Double Drawn Hair Extensions”?

In the hair extension industry, there are two kinds of thicknesses, one single drawn and the other is double drawn. How exactly are they defined?

Let’s explain by Remy hair extension

The first point to emphasize is they are both quality hair

“Single drawn” hair extensions mean that the hair has been collected from one donor’s human hair. This results in a mix of short and long hairs, and the overall look is thin and uneven.

When you touch the single-drawn hair extensions from head to tail, you will find that the hair is getting thinner and thinner.

double drawn hair extensions
single drawn hair extensions

“Double drawn” hair extensions are made from hair that has been collected from 2-3 donors, but the 2-3 donor’s hair is the same quality. Then pick out the same length of hair from the collected hair to form human hair extensions.

This makes hair strands are all the same length, giving you a fuller, more even look. It is the best quality hair

When you feel down from the top of the double-drawn hair extensions, you will find that the hair is almost the same thickness

double drawn hair extensions
single drawn hair extensions

For customized:

Whether double-drawn hair extensions or single-drawn hair extensions, we can customize the thickness according to the customer’s needs. In the hair extension industry, We called it “Ratio”.

For example, one piece of 100gram 20″ nano tip hair extension. If the percentage of 20-inch hair in this hair is 20%, the other 80% of hair is 8-18inches, we call it ratio 20% SINGLE-DRAWN hair. If the percentage is more than 30%, other hair is 8-18inches, we call it ratio 30% DOUBLE-DRAWN hair.

Generally, 24% as a cut-off, ratio less than 24% is single-drawn hair extensions, 24% or more is double-drawn hair extensions.

Also depending on the RATIO, the price will also change.

2. Pros and Cons of each type(single drawn hair and double drawn hair)

double drawn hair extensions
single drawn hair extensions

Single drawn hair extensions:

Pros: Single-drawn hair extension is cheaper. Because it uses very little long hair, most hair is shorter and fine hair. After all, long hair raw materials are more expensive.

Cons: The overall appearance of single-drawn hair extensions is thin and uneven, which may not be the look you desire for your new set of extensions.

Double drawn hair extensions:

Pro: Double-drawn hair extensions can give a fuller hair volume for hair extension wearers.

Pro: This process of picking out the same length of hair to form hair extensions means the end result is much less likely to damage your own hair, which can be very beneficial if you want long-lasting extensions that do not need constant maintenance and care. Double-drawn extensions also have a thick and natural look

Con: Double-drawn hair extensions come at a higher price. The factory needs to collect 200-300 grams of the same quality of raw hair to produce 100gram double-drawn hair extension.

This means that the cost of producing 100 grams of double-drawn hair is much higher than the cost of producing 100 grams of single-drawn hair.

3. How do you determine which one to purchase

You need to consider your own needs and desires before purchasing single-drawn hair or double-drawn hair. Is it important for you that the results look natural? Are you looking for something cheap but effective or are you willing to spend money on a more expensive option?


+ If it is very important for you that the result looks full, then double-drawn hair options may be best for you.

– If it is very important that the result looks natural, then single-drawn hair may be your best option.


+ If you are looking to spend as little money on hair extensions as possible and want something cheap but effective, purchase single-drawn hair options will likely suit you better.

– Double-drawn hair price is much more expensive, but a high price tag can often indicate that the product is of high-quality extensions.


+ If you want long-lasting extensions that do not need constant maintenance and care, double-drawn hair may be best for you.

– Depending on how much your natural hair texture differs from the desired result, single-drawn hair extensions can become damaged very quickly due to their thickness! You should also consider if you are willing to spend extra time caring for your single-drawn hair extensions.


+ If you want something that is low-maintenance and will not need much care, single-drawn hair options may be best for you. The lack of thickness in these types of hair extensions makes them more likely to harm the natural hair underneath or become damaged due to their thinness.


+ If you want the highest quality hair extension, expensive double-drawn hair is your best option! Most Hollywood actresses use double-drawn hair.

As you can see, there are many factors that go into determining which type of hair extensions will work best for you and your needs. It is important to carefully research your options and consider your own personal preferences before making a final decision for single-drawn or double-drawn hair.

4. Where you can find a professional supplier who specializes in both types of extension?

double drawn hair extensions
single drawn hair extensions

There are many places to find a supplier who carries both single-drawn and double-drawn hair extensions, especially if you search online.

One option is to contact your local salon and ask them for recommendations! This may be the easiest way to go about finding someone in your area that specializes in this type of service, but the price is high.

You can also check out websites like Alvinhair.com. They have a wide range of hair extensions available, including both single and double-drawn hair options and only half the price of the hair salon.

5. Final thoughts on the topic 

Hair extensions are a great way to change up your look for any occasion. One of the most common questions people ask is which type should they choose? Double-drawn or single-drawn hair extensions? This article has outlined some pros and cons of each type as well as how you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you!

Of course, if you are in the business of generating ideas and you have a high-end client base, I suggest you must choose double-drawn. According to market research, the high-end crowd prefers double-drawn. There is nothing wrong with double-drawn hair except that it is more expensive

If you have any questions or want to find a supplier for your hair extensions business, please contact me for more information.

Good luck to you!!!

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