How To Find a Hair Extensions Supplier?

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Finding a hair extensions supplier can be a daunting and time-consuming process. You want to find a partner who is skilled, experienced, and professional with hair extensions.

This article will provide you with ideas to find the perfect supplier for your needs for hair extensions. It is very important to have a stable and reliable supplier if you want to do well in the hair business

1. Do your research and find wholesale hair suppliers that have the best hair extensions you want.

hair extensions supplier

-If you want to use clip-in hair extensions, find a supplier who specializes in this type of human hair extensions. Clip-in hair extension is one of the most popular human hair extensions, most hair factory produces clip-in hair extensions, we just need to find the most professional and experienced one supplier with clip-in hair extensions.

-Find out if the supplier has experience working with the hair extensions company you want. The best suppliers will have worked with several popular human hair extensions brands and know what works well together.

-If you want to use tape hair extensions, find a supplier who specializes in this type of human hair extensions and find out if the supplier can provide a high-quality tape that won’t damage natural hair.

-If you want to use weft hair extensions, find a supplier who specializes in this type of human hair extensions. Weft hair extensions are a recent hit and the process of producing them can be more complex than that of clip-in extensions or tape hair extensions.

-This step is extremely important because, in the long run, it will save time and money if you do your research before looking for a hair extensions supplier. Search online or ask your friends for recommendations for hair extensions. You can also search online to find suppliers who offer specific types of hair extensions. 

-Make a list of potential high-quality human hair suppliers and contact information so that you have a starting point when doing your research. This way, there is at least one supplier to use as an option.

-In the beginning, you should have at least three to five suppliers on your list so that you can compare their prices and services.

2. Find out what type of raw hair they use for human hair extensions(Virgin human hair, Remy human hair, or non-Remy human hair).

hair extensions supplier

-This is important because you want to find a high-quality human hair extensions supplier.

-The quality and price of hair extensions vary greatly between different raw materials. Virgin human hair is the best raw material for wigs, it is unbleached, has intact scales, and is the color of natural hair. The hair made from this material is of the highest quality and will last the longest. Virgin hair is the best material for clip-in hair extensions. Virgin hair is hand-finished, without the use of any machines, so that the cuticles all face in one direction. This ensures that they are less prone to tangles and last longer than other types of non-Remy hair materials, but are the most expensive.

hair extensions supplier

Healthy Cuticle

-Remy hair is similar to virgin hair, but the owner bleaches the raw hair before cutting it, resulting in some damage to the hair scales, which need to be treated with acid during production to remove the scales to ensure they don’t get tangled. The life expectancy is shorter than that of virgin hair.

hair extensions supplier

Unhealthy Cuticle

-Non-Remy hair is cheaper, half the price of virgin hair. This means it is less durable. It also needs more care as it has damaged cuticles that are facing in all directions, which makes them prone to tangles and damage. It also has a very short service life of fewer than 3 months

hair extensions supplier

Damaged Cuticle

-The type of raw human hair material you choose depends on how much money and time you want to spend, but it is always best to choose the highest quality if possible. If your budget allows, we recommend using virgin hair or Remy raw human hair to produce hair extensions. They will keep more quality customers in your wholesale hair business or hair salons business, and rich and loyal customers always prefer quality hair extensions

-You can ask the hair factory what type of hair they use, Virgin human hair, Remy human hair, or non-Remy human hair, or check their website for information on this. One thing to be aware of here is that many suppliers will replace it with second best. What you need is Remy human hair, and they replace it with non-Remy human hair. Because the price of non-Remy hair is very attractive, they will use this trick to get customers. And you are very difficult to tell the difference in the pictures. So my advice is that you tell them what you want and your target price. This way they will determine which raw human hair to use based on your target price.

-The last thing is to make sure you have photos of your finished product before agreeing on any terms with a potential supplier. This way, you will know exactly if the supplier can produce the product you need.

3. Know their prices – Don’t be afraid to negotiate with them on prices. If you plan to order wholesale human hair extensions, find out what they charge for each type of hair extension.

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-What determines the wholesale price of hair extensions? You may be wondering how much you should pay when buying hair extensions wholesale.

-The primary factors that affect the wholesale price of hair extensions are the quality of the hair, choice of length and color, the type of raw human hair used; the weight of each piece (100gram,150gram or 200gram); the number of strands (density); the ratio of the hair(double drawn or single drawn); the quality of the weft/weave technique, the volume of the hair, the type of extensions (clip-in or tape or tip hair, like keratin hair extensions), etc. You will need to check each of these factors with your supplier to ensure that the price you get is accurate.

-If there is a price difference, you can compare prices with other suppliers. If your desirable supplier is charging significantly lower prices than other suppliers, this may raise a red flag that the supplier may not be producing quality hair extensions. The old truth is that you get what you pay for.

-You can compare prices by doing your own research, or you can ask a friend for a recommendation.

-This will take some time, but it is much better to spend that time now before placing an order with the supplier than after the order has been placed and received. By then, if problems arise, it may be too late.

4. Make sure you get the length and color you want from this particular company.

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-This is important because it is very frustrating when you can’t get the color or length you want.

-You should ask your potential supplier if they have a variety of lengths and colors available before placing an order with them. This way, there will be no surprises later in the process.

-Generally speaking, 14″-24″ is the most common length of hair extensions on the market, but some factories do not produce hair extensions above 20″. This is because virgin raw human hair over 20″ is very expensive and therefore unacceptable to many customers.

-If you want hair extensions over 20″, be sure to check with your supplier before placing your order.

-The same goes for color – some suppliers have their own set of color charts, only produce black color, brown color, and blonde color, but other unnatural colors are more difficult to match. So if you have a very specific color in mind and you are currently unsure if the supplier can produce it, again, check with them before placing your order.

-In any case, if you have a specific color in mind and the supplier tells you they can do it for you, this is also something that should raise alarm bells. This is because hair extensions in a particular color simply cannot be produced overnight

– it requires constant matching of pigments to achieve the color you want. So you need to get them to make samples and send them to you first to ensure that the color produced is the one you have in mind.

-So make sure you talk to your supplier and ask them any questions you may have about the human hair extensions before you place your order. This is very important because if there is a problem afterward (for example, the color is not right) then they can either refund or re-produce it for you.

5. Ask about their return policy and guarantee before you buy wholesale hair extensions.

hair extensions supplier

Ask them about their return policy and guarantee for wholesale hair extensions.

For example, if you are buying wholesale human hair extensions, the supplier should be able to tell you how long they offer returns/refunds on the product (is it 14 days, 30 days, or longer?), whether the product comes with a guarantee (i.e. will they give you a full refund if the hair does not meet your expectations? , and what you need to do to get a refund (do you need to return the product with the original label? Do you need to send a photo of the product?) And what happens if the hair extensions get tangled or knotted after a period of time? Will they give you your money back then too?

So make sure you know all the answers your supplier has to these questions before you place your order.

-The guarantee protects both parties in the event of errors or damage during processing.

-Make sure you read their guarantee thoroughly and ask questions about these policies before making any final decisions.


Thank you for reading!

Producing hair extensions is a serious job that takes time and effort. By identifying your requirements and following the steps in this article you can confidently find a good supplier of hair extensions and will save you time and reduce your losses considerably. Good luck in your search for a supplier! Do you have any questions? Please let me know and I will help you in any way I can.

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