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remy hair extensions

Are you looking for one of the best hair extensions on the market to help your clients achieve their dream hair?

If so, look no further than Remy Hair Extensions.

Remy Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair and have become a popular choice among stylists and salon owners who provide high-end services to their clients.

This guide will help you understand why Remy Extensions are an excellent investment for both salons and individuals alike.

We’ll discuss what makes them unique, how they’re produced, and how you can use them in your business or personal styling needs.

With this information in hand, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not these premium-quality extensions are right for your needs.

What are Remy Hair Extensions and How Do They Work

remy hair extensions

Remy Hair Extensions are made from 100% natural hair and scalp, with all the cuticles running in the same direction. All the cuticles remain aligned in one direction and are not stripped.

These extensions are carefully sorted and processed to keep the quality high, making them ideal for those looking for a premium-quality product.

The strands of Remy Extensions will last longer than other types of extensions because they remain undamaged during installation and don’t tangle as easily. 

Remy human hair is collected in a certain way that ensures each strand of hair is facing in the same natural direction as it did when it was growing.

There is no need for an acid bath or another chemical process to make it look good. The result is a complete removal of the hair’s cuticle.

The strands of Remy Human Hair Extensions are usually bonded together at their base or wefted together in a tight row that makes them look like one seamless piece when attached to natural hair.

This process helps keep tension off the actual hair while attaching it to create fullness and length without weighing down your locks. Some forms use glue or tape, while others may be sewn in with microbeads that attach the wefts securely without any damage to your hair.

Remy Extensions provide a natural look and feel that is more durable than synthetic alternatives on the market today.

This type of extension is perfect for achieving volume, and length, or changing up hairstyles quickly and easily!

Many people enjoy wearing Remy Extensions due to their realistic feel and luxurious look which can make styling much easier without sacrificing comfort or quality results!

Which is better: Virgin or Remy hair?

remy hair extensions

When it comes to deciding whether Virgin or Remy Hair is better for styling, both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Virgin hair is considered the highest quality because it has never been chemically processed and retains its cuticle layer intact.

This means that the hair will look more natural and shiny than Remy’s hair, which has had its cuticles stripped away with a chemical process to create a smoother texture.

Additionally, virgin hair is generally softer than Remy’s hair due to the lack of processing. Usually, virgin hair is collected to an age range of 14-30 years old.

One remarkable thing about virgin hair, it lasts longer than Remy’s hair as it is unprocessed or chemically processed.

On the other hand, Remy hair extensions haven’t been stripped of their natural oils, which help keep locks looking healthy, soft, and shiny. As for the age range, remy hair is collected from age range of 30 and above.

At the end of the day, Virgin vs. Remy comes down to personal preference.

If you’re looking for maximum versatility then Virgin might be best but if you want something long-lasting then you’ll probably opt for Remy instead!

Ultimately both can provide great results when used properly so make sure that you research and consider your clients’ options carefully before making a final decision to make sure they love their hair.

What is the difference between Non remy hair vs. Remy human hair extensions?

remy hair extensions

Non remy hair and Remy hair extensions are both types of human hair used to add length and volume to natural locks.

The main difference between the two is that Non remy hair has had its hair cuticles removed through a chemical process, while Remy hair retains the hair cuticle layer intact.

Non remy hair is prone to tangling because its cuticles have been peeled, often as a result of excessive processing.

Some companies utilize plenty of silicone to make the hair seem healthy and lustrous, but that silicone washes out in the wash, leaving the hair in a tangled mess.

This makes Remy human hair extensions look more natural with a luxurious feel, and it also helps keep them long-lasting as they do not dry out or damage quickly.

Additionally, since its natural oils have not been stripped away, styling with Remy Hair takes less time without sacrificing quality results.

Moreover, non remy hair is usually silky and of lower quality than Remy Hair due to the additional amount of chemical processing involved.

It is chemically treated, dyed, and heat-styled for a smoother texture which can also lead to it tangling or matting more easily over time.

Therefore, Non remy hair may not last as long or provide the most natural-looking results that Remy extensions can offer.

Ultimately, when it comes to deciding between Non remy and Remy hair extensions, it is important to consider your own needs and preferences to make the best choice.

Is Remy hair real human hair?

remy hair extensions

Yes, Remy hair is 100% real human hair. It is carefully sorted and processed to keep its quality high, with all the cuticles running in the same direction.

This helps keep it long-lasting and makes it look more natural than synthetic alternatives on the market today.

Additionally, its natural oils help keep locks looking healthy and shiny while also making styling much easier without sacrificing comfort or quality results.

Unlike other hair types of extensions that have had their cuticles stripped away with a chemical process to create a smoother texture, Remy Hair retains its original cuticle layer intact which gives it an even more realistic feel and luxurious look!

As such, when used properly it can provide excellent results for those looking for maximum versatility or something that will last longer than virgin hair options do.

How long do Remy hair extensions last?

remy hair extensions
remy hair

Remy extensions are known for their longevity and can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months, depending on the quality of the extensions and how they are cared for.

Generally, with proper care and maintenance, Remy extensions can easily last 6-9 months before needing to be replaced.

But some clients wear remy hair extensions for even up to 2 years with proper maintenance and care.

As Remy human hair is sourced from a single donor and its cuticles are kept intact, it is less prone to tangling or matting over time compared to other types of extensions.

And, they are easier to style as their natural oils have not been stripped away which helps keep them looking healthy, soft, and shiny for longer.

Benefits of Using Remy Human Hair Extensions

remy hair extensions

1. Remy hair extensions natural Look

Remy hair extensions give the most natural look and feel because the cuticles are kept intact, making them exceptionally long-lasting and tangle-free.

2. Luxurious Feel

As the cuticle layer is not stripped away with a chemical process, Remy extensions have a smoothness that other types of extensions cannot match.

3. Versatility of Remy hair extensions

The high quality ensures that they can be styled in different ways without sacrificing comfort or results.

4. Long Lasting Quality

Remy extensions are known for their longevity as they can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months depending on how well they’re looked after and cared for over time.

5. Easy Styling

With its natural oils retained, styling is much faster whilst still providing great results each time it’s styled differently without having to worry about damage or breakage caused by over-styling or heat exposure.

How to Care for Your Remy Hair Extension As a Business Owner

As a hair business owner, it is important to make sure that your customers are well-informed about how to properly care for their Remy extensions.

This will ensure that they get the best possible results from their purchase and that the extensions last as long as possible.

Here are some tips on how to care for Remy hair extensions:

  1. Use a comb or brush specifically designed for Remy hair extensions to brush your hair.
  2. Avoid using too much heat on the extensions as it can damage them, causing breakage and tangling.
  3. Wash your extensions regularly with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for use with Remy extensions.
  4. Use a heat protectant spray before using any hot styling tools as it will help to reduce the amount of heat damage and keep the extensions looking healthy for longer.
  5. Air dry your extensions after washing them, avoiding excessive brushing or combing when wet.
  6. Avoid over-styling with too much product as this can weigh down the extensions and lead to breakage.

Common Mistakes People Make When Installing a Remy Human Hair Extension

remy hair extensions

To protect the longevity and quality of your Remy human hair extension, it is important to avoid making common mistakes when installing them.

This will ensure that the hair stays looking incredible for a long time.

Here are some tips on how to properly install a Remy extension:

  • Choose the right type of extensions for the desired look, texture, and length.
  • Make sure that you purchase a Remy extension from a reputable source to ensure quality.
  • Do not braid the hair too tightly as it can cause damage and breakage to the extension.
  • Ensure that you follow the instructions given by your manufacturer when installing a Remy human hair extension.
  • Avoid using glue-based adhesives as they can damage the extensions and be difficult to remove without causing damage to natural hair.


Remy human hair extensions offer a natural look and feel, luxurious softness, versatility in styling, long-lasting quality, and easy maintenance.

As a business owner looking to provide the best products for your customers, it’s important to choose the right Remy hair extension manufacturer.

At Alvin Hair, we specialize in manufacturing premium-grade Remy human hair extensions that are of superior quality with no shedding or tangling.

Our top priority is providing you with high-quality products so that you can trust us as your go-to supplier when buying Remy human hair extensions for yourself or your clients.

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