Reasons Why You Should Invest in Indian Remy Hair Extensions

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Indian remy hair extensions

As a business owner, you know how important it is to invest in quality products that customers will love.

That’s why you should consider investing in Indian Remy hair extensions.

Indian Remy hair extensions are the highest-grade human hair product on the market today and they offer many advantages over other types of hair extensions, making them an ideal choice for your business.

This type of high-quality extension offers superior durability compared to synthetic options and can be styled just like natural hair, allowing customers to create beautiful looks without compromising on quality or style.

Furthermore, these extensions are available in various lengths, textures, and colors so there’s something for everyone – perfect for those looking for custom solutions!

Additionally, Indian Remy Hair Extensions require less maintenance than synthetic alternatives due to their long-lasting nature; meaning more time saved when styling clients’ locks!

With all this taken into consideration, investing in Indian Remy Hair Extensions is simply a no-brainer!

What is Indian Remy Hair Extensions?

Indian remy hair extensions

Indian Remy Hair Extensions are a type of human hair extension made from 100% real human hair. They are not chemically treated with any harsh chemicals or treatments, making them very gentle and healthy for the hair and scalp.

Fun Fact: The name "remy" describes the characteristics of the hair as well as the process by which the hair extensions are produced and assembled. Every remy hair has a cuticle that runs in the same way from root to tip or uni-laterality.

Indian Remy hair assures quality hair for your customers.

This human hair extension is ethically sourced from the country of North and South India and processed with care to ensure that the natural texture and shine are maintained.

graph on Indian hair

Image Source: Startup Talky

According to Revatny Nair (2022) in a reliable startup media platform called, “Startup Talky“, Indian human hair is the strongest in the world, has the richest texture, and is of the highest quality, making the nation the second biggest exporter of raw human hair.

A total of $44.4 million in raw human hair was exported from India in 2020, with the value of human hair and associated goods exports totaling $383.61 million.

The temples where the hair is sourced from are known for only providing the highest-grade human hair, making Indian Remy Hair Extensions superior to other types of hair extensions.

Indian remy hair extensions

For hundreds of years, southern Indian religious pilgrims have been giving away their hair at sacred temples as an act of sacrifice and purification. This ritual is a way for the devotees to express gratitude while also helping out their local communities.

The cuticles of the virgin hair are kept intact, meaning that the hair remains smooth and soft to the touch and is less likely to tangle.

This extension hair types is the most durable human hair extension on the market, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to invest in a long-lasting product that can be styled just like natural hair.

Indian Human Hair Extensions run in the same direction and are available in various lengths, textures, and colors – so there’s something for everyone!

Plus, it is naturally silky and shiny and requires less maintenance than synthetic alternatives.

The Benefits of Investing in Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Indian remy hair extensions

The luxury of Thick and Shiny Hair

Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions offer unparalleled luxury in the form of thick and shiny hair.

The natural thickness and shine make them a fantastic choice for those who want to look and feel their best.

Indian Remy Hair Lasts Longer Compared to Other Extensions

Indian remy hair is virgin hair, meaning that it is not chemically processed and has not been exposed to any harsh treatments or styling.

This makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting, so you can be sure that your customers’ hair will maintain its quality and style for a long time.


The regular price of Indian Remy Hair Extensions may be higher than synthetic alternatives, but the superior quality and long-lasting nature make it a great value-for-money product.

Moreover, it requires less maintenance than synthetic options, meaning that you don’t need to worry about spending too much on upkeep.

Incredible Textures

Indian remy human hair extensions come in various textures, from straight to deep waves and curls.

Customers can choose the perfect texture for their desired look without compromising quality. Plus, the texture of the hair gives it a more natural look and feel.

Purest Extensions

Indian remy hair extensions

Indian hair extensions give a natural and healthy look, as they are the purest extensions due to their unprocessed nature.

The reason why the cuticles are kept intact is to ensure that the hair looks, feels, and behaves like natural human hair.

Best Natural Virgin Indian Hair Extension Experience

Investing in Indian Remy Hair Extensions gives your customers the best natural hair extension experience.

The hair is soft, smooth, and silky, making it the perfect choice for those who want to look their natural best without compromising on quality or comfort.

By investing in Indian Remy Hair Extensions, your customers can enjoy a luxurious and long-lasting solution that looks as beautiful as their own hair.

Different Types of Natural Indian Human Hair Extensions and Their Benefits

Indian remy hair extensions

Straight Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Straight Indian Remy Hair Extensions are a great choice for those who want to achieve the sleek and stylish look of straight hair.

This type of extension is perfect for creating a timeless, sophisticated look.

Indian Remy Body Wave Hair

The Indian Remy body wave hair is a popular and favored choice among consumers in the human hair market.

These weaves are full-length, heavy, and healthy at the ends; you can easily straighten them or curl them to create deep waves just like your own natural hair.

Plus, with this weave, you’re also able to dye it any color of your choosing!

Just remember—to keep its quality perfect over time, take good care of it using proper methods and techniques.

That’s why customers highly recommend this particular natural Indian Remy body wavy weave style!

Indian Remy Curly Hair

Indian remy hair extensions

Curly Indian Remy Human Hair is renowned for its immaculate texture, ranging from silky to lightly coarse.

Its density of being fine and silt makes styling easy – you can effortlessly curl it in any desired look with minimal products!

One must take precaution as the hair may swell up and become frizzy during wet weather conditions- so applying anti-frizz products are highly recommended.

No wonder this curly pattern has become a premium choice amongst fashionistas looking for an effortless yet stylish hairdo!

Deep Wavy Indian Remy Hair

Indian Deep Wavy Hair, often referred to as Indian Deep Body wave hair is a tantalizing texture that looks just like a wave in the sea.

It has more volume than body wave and can be styled into elegant curls or sleek straight locks – whatever your heart desires!

Remy ensures your tresses won’t experience tangles from the roots up; you’ll only find smoothness and shine flowing throughout this exquisite hair type.

Indian Remy Loose Wave Hair

Indian remy hair extensions

Loose wave Indian hair is the ideal choice for a natural-looking, full, and soft curl pattern – no extra effort required!

Not only does it provide the perfect amount of volume to your client’s tresses, but this malleable human hair can also be styled in any way imaginable.

Plus, it has never been exposed to harsh chemicals or unnecessary treatments during production.

Your clients will thank you for helping them achieve that “extra edge” with versatile loose-wavy Indian hair!

Water Wave Indian Remy Hair

If you want to stand out, Indian Water Wave hair extensions are a perfect choice. These exotic pieces carry a lot of volumes and blend seamlessly with natural textures due to their softness.

This pattern can be worn in its original form or straightened bone straight for any desired look.

With flexible styling options like these at your disposal, it’s no wonder why this range is gaining attention from beauty enthusiasts worldwide!

Indian Natural Wavy Remy Hair

Indian remy hair extensions

Remy Virgin Indian Natural Wave offers a fuller, softer look than loose wavy hair.

This Indian hair extensions boast lush thickness from top to bottom that can be styled with a curling wand or straightened with a flat iron for an even sleeker finish.

How Alvin Hair Can Help Your Business?

No matter what type of Indian Remy hair extensions you’re looking for, Alvin Hair has something that will suit your needs.

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Our prices are also incredibly competitive, meaning you’ll get more value for your money!

With our versatile collection of hair bundles straight, body wave, curly, deep wave, loose wave, water waves, and natural waves – you can be sure to find all kinds of extensions for every hair type!

Our company believes in providing only the best products available on the market so clients can have peace of mind knowing they are getting top-notch service.

Investing in one or more types of Indian Remy Hair Extensions from Alvin Hair could very well be one decision that keeps giving back time after time!

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