Tape in Vs. Clip In Hair Extensions – Pros and Cons

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tape in vs. clip in hair extensions

Human hair extensions offer a wide array of style, color, hair length and volume options to supplement one’s natural hair.

While clip in hair extensions have been available for many years now and are the most popular choice amongst consumers, Tape in hair extensions have gained traction in recent years with its immense versatility and convenience.

From volume to length, both clip-ins and tape in hair extensions are the perfect choices for those looking to add a glamorous look.

But how do Tape In Extensions stack up against Clip In Extensions? And how do clip in extensions differ from tape ins?

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one best suits your needs.

Tape in Hair Extensions

tape in vs. clip in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extension is a semi-permanent hair extensions method that uses medical-grade adhesive tape and lay flat on hair.

To install tape in extensions, it is applied between the natural hair and the extension hair, with two tapes sandwiching the bond.

Tape-ins are practically invisible and highly flexible, allowing ladies to show off beautiful long luscious hair with confidence!

The process is effortless – an professional stylist places the tape underneath a piece of your hair and firmly secures on the extension.

Pros of tape in extensions

tape in vs. clip in hair extensions
  • Lasts for 5-9 weeks
  • The tape used is non-damaging to the hair root and scalp
  • Can be reused, if properly taken care of
  • Semi-permanent style

Additionally, it was mentioned by Sally Beauty, that tape in extensions are one of the safest hair extensions among other types.

What are the cons of tape in extensions?

  • Not suitable for oily scalp
  • Not ideal for thin hair
  • Needs to avoid excessive sweating
  • Costly professionals needed

How long do tape in extensions last?

Your clients will be able to enjoy this hair extension for up to six months with maintenance appointments every 6 weeks.

The method is designed without heat and uses a special adhesive weft tape that allows hair to flourish while wearing the extensions!

Plus, they are lightweight and provide an even more natural look compared to clip-ins.

Does tape extensions damage your natural hair?

tape in vs. clip in hair extensions

It depends on how your client takes care of their hair and the quality of extensions used.

With proper care, tape in extensions can last up to 6-9 weeks before needing to be reapplied or serviced.

Also, make sure that your tape-ins are made from remy human hair– which is something that Alvin Hair takes pride in providing.

Make sure to choose remy human hair extensions when you are sourcing from a hair extension supplier.

Are tape extensions better than clip ins?

tape in vs. clip in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions have the advantage of being nearly invisible and provide an even more natural look compared to clip-ins.

They are also much lighter in weight, making them much less damaging to the scalp than other types of hair extensions.

But before we conclude on this, for sure clip in extensions also has something to offer!

Clip in hair extensions

clip in hair extensions

Clip-ins are a great and easy way to add instant glamour and boost length, volume, or color to hair.

To install clip-ins, simply clip the wefts of hair onto hair. And with a few more clips here and there, you can create an effortless glamorous look.

It’s a no fuss extensions offer great flexibility and convenience.

Pros of clip in hair extensions

clip in hair extensions
  • Easy to apply and remove in just a few minutes
  • Can be used for temporary or special occasions
  • Affordable
  • No commitment

Cons of clip in hair extensions

  • Can be highly visible and irritating.
  • Should always be removed while showering or sleeping.
  • Difficult for ponytail and bun hairstyle

Are clip ins better for natural hair?

clip in hair extensions

With no need for chemicals, glue, beads, or heat as with other extension types, clip-in extensions are a great (and safe!) alternative to enhance the look.

Clip-ins consist of simple wefts that can be installed and removed at home without hassle–it’s really easy!

Our own hair tip: If your clients desire glossy hair minus the hassle, go for clip ins.

Why are tape-ins more expensive than clip ins?

tape in hair extensions vs. clip in hair

Tape in extensions are more expensive compared to clip-ins due to their lifespan, the skill set needed for the application, and the process itself.

The cost of tape in extensions includes the cost of an installation appointment with a stylist (or certified hair extensions) plus the price of the hair itself.

Tape ins installation takes around 1-2 hours and requires careful sectioning of the hair to ensure a seamless blend.

The price of tape-in extensions also varies depending on the quality, origin, and length of hair used.

Tape in vs. Clip in Hair Extensions: Which is better?

tape in hair extensions vs. clip in hair

Tape-in extensions is a great choice for clients who want to enhance their look without using chemicals, glue, beads, or heat.

They provide an even more natural look since they blend seamlessly with natural hair and can last up to 6-9 weeks.

The tape ins work process is very simple and does not require too much skill. Furthermore, tape-ins are lightweight and less damaging to the scalp.

On the other hand, clip in extensions offers great flexibility and convenience as they can be easily applied.

This is a great alternative for those who want to change their beautiful hair without committing long-term but do need to take precautions when clipping them in properly.

Alvin Hair – Your Trusted Hair Extensions Supplier

tape in hair extensions vs. clip in hair

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We also have clip ins and tape ins for your business needs.

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Our hair extensions also have a variety of colors from natural brown hair. to dark black, blonde, and more!

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