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flat tip hair extensions

Introduction on Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Are you looking to add length and volume to your hair with a modern, long-lasting product?

Flat tip hair extensions are the perfect solution for professional stylists and salons who want to offer their clients salon-quality results.

Flat tip hair extensions are made from 100% human Remy hair, making them one of the highest-quality products on the market today.

They come pre-taped with a keratin bond which is designed for durability and strength while still being gentle on natural hairs.

Additionally, these extensions provide maximum flexibility allowing you to customize not only the color but also the texture, weight, thickness, and length depending on the desired look.

From customizing the color and size of your flat tips to creating an entirely new look in minutes, there are many advantages to using this type of extension.

In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about flat-tip hair extensions so that you can make an informed decision when selecting them for use in your salon or at home.

What is flat tip hair extensions?

flat tip hair extensions

Introducing the all-new hybrid of hair extensions: Flat-Tips!

This innovative technique combines two methods, I-Tip (also known as microbeads) and Tape-Ins for an unmatched result.

The Flat Tips provide the 360-degree movement with adhesive-free hair extension beads that lay flat shape just like Tape In – but without compromising on a natural look and feel.

Flat Tip extensions are applied using heat to ensure a secure connection between the client’s hair and the extension strands.

For this method to work, it is crucial that clients have healthy growth on their scalps which can be categorized as normal for optimal results.

Design, construction and materials used in flat tip extensions

flat tip hair extensions

Flat tip hair extensions (also known as ‘I-tip’) are becoming increasingly popular due to their discreet nature and versatility.

This type of extension clip is constructed using lightweight material, with a small flat-shaped bead at the top which serves to anchor the extension strand onto your existing hair.

The strands are usually made of 100% human cuticle remy hair, however, they can also be synthetic or blended fibers depending on your preference.

The remy hair is used so that it allows for less tangling and offers more natural hair results.

Additionally, these types of extensions come in different colors, styles, and lengths so there is something for everyone.

The use of ultra-thin strands helps ensure a comfortable fit, making it easy to wear and maintain them for several weeks at a time with minimum effort.

The flat tip attachments offer an additional advantage in that they apply less tension when attaching them giving you complete styling flexibility once installed.

What’s the difference between an I tip and a flat tip for hair extension?

flat tip hair extensions

Flat tip is a hybrid method- meaning it is a combination of two methods.

I-Tip and Flat-Tip are both free of any chemical treatments and grant the unrestricted motion, yet one major distinction between them is the way they lay against the hair.

In contrast to Flat-Tip strands, I-Tip does not flatten out into strips but rather sits perpendicular.

Flat-Tip strands also provide a much more natural-looking result due to their flat positioning while I-Tip stands out since they are more prominent in the hair.

When opting for I-Tip extensions, they require additional maintenance since it is necessary to adjust them every 2 weeks as they tend to slip out due to the frequent movement of your hair.

Hair Type Suitable for Flat Tip Bead Hair Extensions

flat tip hair extensions

Flat tip hair extensions are suitable for a variety of hair types, including non-remy, remy and virgin hair.

Non-remy hair is made from cuticles that have been stripped away from the strands during processing, whereas remy hair is kept intact so the cuticles lie in the same direction as the strand.

This ensures that the hair extension looks healthy and natural.

Virgin human hair is free from any chemicals, meaning it can be styled in a more natural way.

The material and construction of flat-tip hair extensions make them ideal for use on all types of hair style, including thick, thin, and curly.

How long do flat tip hair extensions last?

flat tip hair extensions

Usually, flat tip hair extensions lasts for 4-6 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

And then, you have to inform your clients to go back for reinstallation.

Different hair types react differently to this type of extension, so it is important to take into consideration when selecting the right strands for yourself.

Do flat tip human hair extensions damage hair?

No, flat tip hair extensions rarely cause any damage to the natural hair.

The material used in the construction is made to protect and ensure less tension when fitted, which greatly reduces any potential damage to existing hair.

Full Head Installation of Flat Tip Human Hair Extensions

The process to install flat tip human hair extensions include melting the glue and sticking to the hair, crimping the bond to make sure it’s secure, then removal and snipping off any excess.

It is important to make sure that you use the correct tools when installing this type of extension as incorrectly used tools can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

Best Ways to Maintain Flat Tip Hair Extensions

To maintain smooth and healthy flat tip hair extensions, it is important to use natural shampoos and conditioners as well as mild heat appliances.

To keep the extensions looking their best, follow these tips:

  • Brush regularly using a specialized brush with soft bristles and wide teeth
  • Avoid using products that contain alcohol or sulfates
  • Use hydrating and nourishing hair masksWash extension-attached hair with cold water Avoid sleeping with wet extensions
  • Take extra care to avoid tangling the strands

How to Style Flat Tip Hair Extensions?

flat tip hair extensions

There are so many ways you can style flat tip hair extensions.

You can even color and bleach the images of the extensions depending on your client’s request.

Flat tip hair extensions are also incredibly versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways, such as braids, buns, ponytails, or just left to hang naturally.

How flat tip hair extensions can benefit salon professionals?

flat tip hair extensions

These extensions also offer increased styling options for clients, allowing them to style their hair in an array of new and exciting ways- from straight, to curly, and more.

For salons, this means more satisfied clients who can get the exact look they desire and come back for repeat services.

Why it is important to purchase high-quality flat tip hair extensions from a hair extensions supplier?

flat tip hair extensions

When it comes to sourcing flat tip hair extensions, it is important to purchase high-quality products from a reputable hair extension supplier.

A reliable supplier will offer quality products that last longer and provide better value for money.

They will also provide helpful advice on how best to install the videos and extensions so that they can be enjoyed for weeks or even months at a time.

Furthermore, purchasing from a professional source guarantees the authenticity of materials used as well as peace of mind in knowing you’re getting what you pay for.

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